Product Kits & Bundles

Product Kits & Bundles

Keratin Starter Kit


(1) Clarifying Shampoo 16oz

Pre-treatment shampoo that removes impurities and product build-up, preparing the hair to absorb the keratin treatment. Step 1 for the keratin treatment.

(1) Total Smoothing Treatment 16oz

Seals-in moisture, treating dry and damaged fibers from chemical processing to improve elasticity while controlling frizz. Step 2

(1) Advance Styling Cream 4oz

Infused with Certified Organic Olive oil. Used to effectively hydrate the hair while improving elasticity. Heat activated formulation seals-in shine and creates smoothness during the process of blow drying. Step 3 for the Keratin Treatment

(1) Hair Serum Drops 2oz 

Ultra-light, non-greasy formula, infuses natural olive oil deep into the cuticle adding shine and restoring sleekness for all hair types. Last step for the Keratin Treatment.

(1) Hair Serum-2oz

Ultra light, non-greasy formula, infuses natural olive oil deep into the cuticle adding a shine and restoring sleekness for all hair types.

*Backorder- expected shipping 8/1/2019