How to Become an Affiliate

How to Become an Affiliate

Register as an Affiliate and send traffic to any of our Cliove product pages by means of your affiliation link.

How does it work? Any time a user clicks on your banner or on your affiliation link and gets to the page of one of our products and buys it, our affiliate system records the sale under your name or account and it will automatically credit your account with a commission of 20% of the price the customer paid for.

For instance, if the user buys a $100 of Cliove product/s, our affiliate system will credit a commission of $20 to your account.

By becoming an Cliove Affiliate you accept the Terms and Conditions of the Affiliation Program.


We provide the banners you can use for your affiliate business, with captivating graphics and the most popular formats on the web.

Our Creatives team does that for you and made available via your Creatives page.  Just copy and paste the banner codes to your website or social media account. No coding necessary. Stop wasting time and focus in sharing our products and driving more traffic to earn more commissions!