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Styling Tools Kit

$700.00 $299.00

Evo Pro Hair Dryer

Vibra Pro 1.5″  Hair Straightener

Ivy Pro 0.5″ Mini Iron

Pro Comb

Lifetime Warranty


5 Of Each Hair Care Kit and Free Back Bar

$438.00 $279.00
5 Keratin Protein Shampoo 8.5oz
5 Keratin Protein Conditioner 8.5oz
5 Protein Hair Mask 8oz
5 Advance Styling Cream 4oz
5 Hair Serum Drops 2oz
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1 Keratin Protein Shampoo 33oz
1 Keratin Protein Conditioner 33oz

Keratin Event Kit

$368.00 $260.00
1 Keratin Treatment(Solution) 16oz
1 Clarifying Shampoo 16oz
2 Keratin Protein Shampoo 8.5oz
2 Keratin Protein Conditioner 8.5oz
2 Protein Hair Mask 8oz
2 Advance Styling Cream 4oz
2 Hair Serum Drops 2oz

Keratin Starter Kit and Free Dryer

$425.00 $260.00
1 Keratin Treatment(Solution) 16oz
1 Clarifying Shampoo 16oz
1 Advance Styling Cream 4oz
1 Hair Serum Drops 2oz
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Evo Pro Hair Dryer 2000W

Keratin Deal Kit With Iron

$400.00 $249.00

2 Keratin Treatments. -16oz +1.5″ Vibra Pro


Hair Care Kit

$312.00 $199.00
3 Keratin Protein Shampoo 8.5oz
3 Keratin Protein Conditioner 8.5oz
3 Protein Hair Mask 8oz
3 Hair Serum Drops 2oz
3 Advance Styling Cream
Free Sports Bag(Pompom not included)

Evo Pro with Free Shampoo Conditioner

$308.00 $150.00
Evo Pro 5000 – 2000 watts
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1 Keratin Protein Shampoo 8.5oz
1 Keratin Protein Conditioner 8.5oz

Hair Care Bundle


Olive oil has been accepted for centuries as one of the best-kept beauty secrets. It is known to nourish hair by sealing in moisture, combating dry or damaged fibers, improving elasticity, repairing damaged strands from chemical processing and controlling frizz, all the while enhancing your hair to keep it soft, shiny and healthy.

(1) Hair Mask 16oz

(1) Hair Styling Cream 4oz

(1) Hair Serum 2oz

(1) Keratin Shampoo 16oz 

(1) Keratin Conditioner 16oz

Cliove Bag – Bundle Of 10


Paper bag with black string holds up to 10 pounds.