Straight Styles That Ruled Fashion Week

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Straight Styles That Ruled Fashion Week

What everyone is wearing during fashion week, you will see throughout the streets the very next day. Fashion week is always very important because all of the major designers roll out their new ideas and designs for the season. Although it’s very difficult for us to snag the clothes, it is very simple for us to snag the hairstyles! Fashion week in NYC has come and gone but we are still seeing the styles and trends sweep through our news feeds and in our everyday lives. One trend that has been most prevalent has been sleek straight styles.  There have been a variety of styles, but we have picked our top 3 with some guidelines on how to get the look!

Sleek Snatched Bun

“Don’t want none if you don’t got buns hun!”
Slick buns are HOT right now.  Just about everyone can rock it and we think the higher the better! It’s a simple yet chic look that you can wear on any occasion and feel great. This style is a great way to show off your jaw line and neck and it’s simple to achieve!


  • Wash and apply styling cream (Try Cliove’s Hair Styling Cream)
  • Blow dry your hair upside down for added volume
  • Gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie
  • Split your pony tail into two sections and wrap the first section around tight
  • Secure with wide bobby pins and wrap the second section tightly around
  • Secure with wide bobby pins and spritz with a finishing spray

The Sleek Pony Tail

This style has been sweeping the nation on and off the runway. Why? It’s classic and gives a polished look without the enormous effort. This style can be worn from day into the night and always makes you look chic from head to toe.


  • Start with clean, straightened hair
  • Gather hair into ponytail and use a soft brush to smooth strands back
  • Still holding the ponytail, apply serum to sides and top (Try Cliove’s Hair Serum)
  • Smooth with soft bristle brush once more
  • Secure tightly with hair tie and pull taut
  • Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the hair tie for a chic look
  • Apply finishing spray and serum to the full length of your hair

Sleek Hair Behind The Ears

This look has been sweeping the catwalks and the red carpets because it is timeless and compliments a variety of looks. Smooth as it is sleek, this style can be worn with any hair type and is set with pins to make sure it lasts all day or night.


  • Wash and apply styling cream (Try Cliove’s Hair Styling Cream)
  • Blow dry your hair straight and apply a Serum (Try Cliove’s Hair Serum)
  • Use a rat tail comb to divide your hair part straight down the middle
  • Pin both sides behind the ears to set the style
  • Finish with a hairspray
  • If you have fine, straight hair you can remove the pins; if your hair is thicker leave them in.

Each of these amazing styles is sure to keep you looking sleek and polished whatever event or activity you are attending. From the catwalks to the sidewalks, we love selecting trendy hairstyles that are easily achievable and look just as amazing! Be sure to tag us in these looks when you try them! @clioveorganics 

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