Why Organic Olive Oil For Our Hair…


  • Number One Medicine To Promote Hair Growth
  • Rich In Vitamins A, E, C
  • Anti Aging
  • Prolong The Longevity Of  The Keratin Treatment
  • Seals In Moisture and Adds Shine
  • Nourish The Scalp and Treat Dandruff

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Hair Care Bundle


Olive oil has been accepted for centuries as one of the best-kept beauty secrets. It is known to nourish hair by sealing in moisture, combating dry or damaged fibers, improving elasticity, repairing damaged strands from chemical processing and controlling frizz, all the while enhancing your hair to keep it soft, shiny and healthy.

(1) Hair Mask 16oz

(1) Hair Styling Cream 4oz

(1) Hair Serum 2oz

(1) Keratin Shampoo 16oz 

(1) Keratin Conditioner 16oz

Hair Serum Drops-2oz


Ultra light, non-greasy formula, infuses natural olive oil deep into the cuticle adding a shine and restoring sleekness for all hair types.

Advance Styling Cream-4oz


Infused with Certified Organic Olive oil. Used to effectively hydrate the hair while improving elasticity. Heat activated formulation seals-in shine and creates smoothness during the process of blow drying.

Protein Hair Mask-16oz


Works as an intense conditioning system to prevent hair breakage and preserve the Keratin Treatment by replenishing hair’s moisture and shine.

Keratin Protein Conditioner-16oz


Restores moisture to damage hair while reducing the frizz and nurturing the cuticle. Aids the hair to regain shine and restore the natural health.

Keratin Protein Shampoo-16oz


Cleanses hair while nourishing the roots and reducing frizz. Formulated with Keratin protein, free of sulfates and parabens.

Clarifying Shampoo-16oz


Pre-treatment shampoo that removes impurities and product build-up preparing the hair to absorb the keratin treatment.

Feel nourishing and perfect texture while maintaining the natural balance of the hair.

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What’s Inside…

Total Smooth Keratin Solution

Ingredients matter, our keratin treatment is formulated with three certified organic oils to replenish natural moisture, treating dry and damaged fibers from chemical processing to improve elasticity while controlling frizz.

16 oz e 473 mL

Coconut Oil

Enhanced with Coconut Oil to reduce protein loss in damaged hair, while providing high moisture retaining capacity that allows the hair to maintain hydrated and soft, preventing hair breakage.

Argan Oil

Argan oil has the ability to tame frizz and give hair shine. It is commonly used as a styling agent because it makes hair more manageable and adds a healthy, attractive shine to any hairstyle.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is rich in vitamins A, E and antioxidants; olive oil helps protect the keratin in hair and seals in moisture.

Juliet Thomas
Laura Martinez
Rachel Hemelberg
This is my first review ever but I had to write one about this product because it is AWESOME!!! I am NOT a hairdresser but I have been using the Keratin Smoothing Treatments for years with not much success. I have curly, grey, coarse and color treated hair so the treatments have never lasted more than a few weeks for me. However, this new formula is incredible. My hair hasn't looked as good or felt as healthy as it does right now after One treatment.

Juliet Thomas

( Bella's Hair Salon Customer )
This has been on of my all time favorite hair products. I have curly/frizzy unmanageable hair, beautiful if it's styled, but really, one whiff of humidity and it's ruined! No more. This makes my hair look sleek, and in higher humidity my hair holds up better. I actually had a Brazilian blow out before, for a lot of money, and this product did so much better at controlling my hair.

Laura Martinez

( Hair Dominican Salon - Customer )
This is a great alternate to those other harsh keratin treatments in the market. I have been doing them since 2008 and I was hoping for a better formula or easier process. This is his New concept. It did last longer in my client's hair than other formulas even after the flat iron the hair had body. I would say with frizzy curly hair it lasted  about 8 to 12 weeks.

Rachel Hemelberg

( Oh lala - Hair Dresser )